Welcome to Second Glance History. This blog seeks to uncover the people and the stories forgotten by history and give them another read through a modern lens. Big stories, small stories, happy stories, sad stories, amusing stories, quirky stories—there’s something for every palate.

Many of these neglected stories come from the Library of Congress’ collection of digitized newspapers, the majority of which are from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Equally compelling tales can be found in obscure books, random articles and other dusty corners of the Internet. Although I am not a trained historian, be assured that I’m curious and neurotic enough to research them as well as a non-professional with internet access can manage.

Second Glance History is my effort to channel a passion for untold stories into something creative and concrete. I hope you’ll join me every other week as I discover tales from bygone eras and seek out the common threads that connect the “then” to the “now!”