Letters from the Front Lines

When this you see, remember me, though many miles between us be. – George Deal to Sarah Cole Deal; Memphis, Tennessee; February 1863 It is a truth universally acknowledged. . . that most people’s letters are insufferably boring. Mine included: If rambling on about the weather was an Olympic sport, I’d have several gold medals, Read More

Even More Nuggets from Norfolk

Unless you literally live under a rock, you know there’s nothing remotely funny in the news these days. Fortunately, thanks to the digitization efforts of the fine folks at the Foxearth and District Local History Society, we can laugh at someone else’s. While no era has a monopoly on tragedy, the 18th century gives any Read More

Tweets from Second Glance History

Since most of us are spending a lot more time on our couches these days, it’s the perfect moment to announce Second Glance History’s next foray into the world of social media: Twitter! This is not an April Fools’ Day prank. (Although if you want one, I’ve got you covered.) If your life could use Read More